Sample Lunchboxes

Lunch #1:

Avocado sushi roll, carrot and zucchini "zoodles", strawberries, housemade whole wheat fig bar, pretzels

Lunch #2:

Mini turkey and cheese bagel sandwich, strawberry coconut "mops", housemade cheddar crackers, organic mini pear

Lunch #3:

Veggie dumplings, corn-on-the-cob lollipops, fresh organic blueberries

Lunch #4:

Housemade chicken teriyaki mini meatballs, sesame noodles, organic mandarin

Lunch #5:

Organic blueberry yogurt with chia seeds and fresh blueberries, Banana almond butter roll-up, pistachios

Lunch #6:

Organic english muffin pizzas, "Ants on a log", hard cooked egg, "chocoballs" (almond butter, dates)

Lunch #7:

Mini housemade black bean empanadas, housemade cinnamon applesauce, organic avocado, organic fresh berries

Lunch #8:

Housemade turkey and cheese crescent rolls, organic grapes, vanilla coconut balls

Lunch #9:

Housemade hummus and veggie dippers, almond butter-stuffed fresh raspberries, organic cheese, housemade corn muffin with cinnamon-honey butter

Lunch #10:

Housemade avocado kale guacamole, organic corn chips, tea sandwiches, banana almond butter "power tower"